ITS Global is a dynamic consultancy specialising in public policy in the Asia Pacific region. Its expertise include: trade, economics and investment; environment and sustainability; aid and development; and corporate social responsibility and risk. It enables clients to assess implications of policy; develop and implement strategies to manage policy impacts; and to improve policy formulation.


About ITS Global

ITS Global has clients in manufacturing, services, agriculture, forestry and mining sectors and is recognised for the quality delivery of its services by clients in government and business. Clients include the Asian Development Bank (ADB), AusAID, the OECD, the Department for International Development of the UK (DFID), the Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry of Japan (METI), the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), the ASEAN Secretariat, the APEC Secretariat and private sector organisations.

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Commentary on current developments

Why Britain is uniquely placed to galvanise a sleepy WTO

Step changes typically pass unnoticed until after the event that triggered them has passed.

The step change anticipated if Leave succeeded was a huge loss on the markets. That did not occur. But there is an unanticipated step change. An opportunity has emerged for the UK to lead action in reconstructing the World Trade Organisation (WTO), transforming it into a fresh global platform that liberalises global trade in services and investment..

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