Analysis of Policy Implications

ITS Global assists clients to assess the impacts of environmental policy. It has advised on mining, forestry, plantation crop, agriculture and climate change policy issues. Services extend from technical analysis of environmental policy and environmental impact statements to specialist advice on standards and certification systems and strategies to manage the impacts of environmental regulations and agreements.

Strategic Communications and Corporate Affairs

ITS Global assists clients to develop and manage communications programs which meet their environmental and sustainability demands. Consultants produce risk assessments and programs to meet these demands.

The consultancy has delivered communications advice on business risk and business - to - government relations, corporate sustainability programs and the policy environment for commercial forestry, plantation agriculture and mining industries in the Asia Pacific.

Advisory on Environmental & Legality Standards

ITS Global assists industry to meet the requirements of environmental & legality standards and procurement policies in international markets. ITS Global is an independent consultant with the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes (PEFC) Council, the world’s largest forest certification scheme.

ITS Global has assessed national schemes in South and North America against the requirements of the PEFC Council. These include assessments of Cerflor (Brazilian forest certification scheme); the Sustainable Forestry Initiative Program (North American forest certification scheme), ATFS (American Tree Farm System); and the UFCS (Uruguay Forest Certification Scheme).