CSR Management Advisory

ITS Global advises companies on approaches to CSR and management of risk. Companies can enter into sustainability CSR systems without assessing their impact on key businesses and coordinating these strategies with corporate affairs interests.

The consultancy is expert at advising business on CSR models that are appropriate for emerging markets. Most global CSR schemes are designed for Western markets.

CSR Impact Analysis

ITS Global has examined all major global CSR systems and analysed how those systems impact on the core interests of companies and designed strategies to manage this. Areas covered include food, agriculture, resources, forestry and plantation crops.


Sample activities:

  • CSR risk assessment for a gold copper project in Laos
  • CSR risk assessment of mining in Mongolia
  • CSR risk assessments for financial companies
  • CSR risk assessments for the forestry, pulp and paper sector
  • CSR risk assessments for the palm oil and agriculture sector