Capacity Building for Growth and Development

ITS Global specialises in the design, implementation and management of development assistance projects to enhance capacity of developing countries to participate in the global economy and facilitate sustainable economic development.

Consultants deliver high quality training programs and develop training curricula that is structured to recipient requirements. They are experienced in the development of specialised training courses, delivery of mentored research and management of multiyear in-country implementation programs.

Programs are developed on trade and investment policy formulation, economic governance, negotiating techniques, implementation of economic integration agreements and structural reform.

Donor Funded Activity in the Asia Pacific Region

ITS Global has been a managing contractor for multimillion dollar aid programs and a subcontractor for short and long term technical assistance programs with major donor organisations. More than 30 donor-funded activities have been undertaken over the last 15 years in Australia, South-East Asia and Africa.

Interdisciplinary Teamwork and Collaboration

The consultancy manages and mobilises interdisciplinary and international research and training teams. Consultants work collaboratively with trainers and researchers from a range of international organisations in the Asia Pacific region in a harmonious and successful way.

Aid and economic development projects

  • Capacity building program to facilitate a 10% improvement in supply chain performance connectivity across APEC economies by 2015, for the Australian APEC Study Centre, funded by the AusAID (2013)

  • Food security and sustainable agricultural development in APEC developing economies, for the AusAID Public Sector Linkages Program (2013)

  • Facilitating trade & improving supply chain connectivity in ASEAN economies via good regulatory practice affecting ports & terminals, for the AusAID Public Sector Linkages Program (2012-2013)

  • Study to Increase the Competitiveness in food, agriculture and forestry sectors in Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar and Viet Nam (CLMV) for the Asian Development Bank (2012-2013);

  • Program and Activity Development Assistance for the ASEAN Australia Development Cooperation Program Phase II and AusAID, Jakarta (2011)

  • Study on Enhancing Implementation of ASEAN Agreements in Goods, Services and Investment, for the ASEAN Secretariat, funded by the AusAID AADCPII program (2010);

  • Training Course for Iraqi Trade officials, on Opportunities and Threats from Accession for WTO and Iraq, for Austraining, funded by AusAID (2010);

  • Training Course for officials from APEC developing countries on Improving supply chain connectivity across APEC, for the Australian APEC Study Centre, funded by AusAID (2010);

  • Program to Strengthen the Capacity of the ASEAN Secretariat in Regional Economic Integration and Policy Dialogue, Study for the ASEAN Secretariat, funded by the ADB (2009-2010);

  • Trade Analysis and Reform Project (TARP) to Enhance Trade Policy Analysis and Research on WTO and FTAs in the Mekong Region, in association with Cardno Acil, funded by AusAID (2005 – 2008);

  • Program to Strengthen the Capacity of Vietnam’s Agriculture Sector to Integrate into the Global Economy, for the Vietnam Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD), funded by AusAID (2004 – 2006);

  • Managing Contractor of the Indonesian Technical Assistance Management Facility (TAMF) to enhance capacity in economic governance, funded by AusAID (2001 – 2003);

  • Enhancing the Capacity of the Lao PDR to Participate in the Global Trading System and to Accede to the World Trade Organisation, program funded by AusAID and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) (1997-2002).