About Us

ITS Global is one of Australia's leading consultancies on international trade, economic policy and investment, environment policy and sustainability, aid and economic development, and corporate affairs. The consultancy builds on the activities of International Trade Strategies established over 20 years ago.

Clients include major corporations within the Asia Pacific region as well as public sector agencies.

In collaboration with international consultants ITS Global personnel support global public policy agendas on contemporary international issues.

The consultancy is supported by a team of ten specialist consultants with technical expertise in subject areas and in-depth industry experience in government and business.

Alan Oxley is Managing Director. He is an expert on international governmental and multilateral activities, particularly those with a direct bearing on economic development and the environment. He is a former Ambassador of Australia to the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) (predecessor to the World Trade Organisation) and a former Chairman of the GATT.

The consultancy has associate relationships with ten specialist consultants and links with research institutes and organisations in South East Asia, Europe and North America. Project partners have included the Australian APEC Study Centre, Melbourne; ConsultAndes, Lima; the Thai APEC Studies Centre, Bangkok; the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, Beijing; the Korean Institute for International Economic Policy, Seoul; the State Environmental Protection Agency, China and the University of Asia and the Pacific, Manila.

See Our Expertise for detail on key capability areas.